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Minimize Risk & Maximize Quality of Life

The affordable BodiTrak2 Lite Pressure Mapping System is designed for patient education, training, comfort, and for situations where more complex seating evaluations may not be required.

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Educational Benefits

BodiTrak2 Lite allows patients to see when a weight shift is required. Teaching patients to recognize and act on their own enables them to be active participants in their care.

Evidence Based Decision-Making

User-friendly SmartFabric sensor technology provides instant and accurate pressure-mapping assessments. Powerful data collections helps to indentify patient requirements for standard or customized surface and positioning solutions.

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BodiTrak2 Lite System

Wireless Connection

  • Easy to Use
  • Built into the sensor
  • IoT Device


Tab view is a typical pressure mapping display. It provides continuous, real-time pressure mapping of the individual on the surface of the bed. Warmer colors represent areas of higher mmHg interface pressures. This tab also displays Average, Peak pressure and other relevant data.

The Pressure tab view provides real time feedback about the success of repositioning the patient. Helping the caregiver to observe if areas of concern have been properly offloaded and / or to have other areas of the patient's skin if it's been inadvertently put at risk.

BodiTrak2 Lite Pressure Mapping


Tab displays where potential tissue trauma due to shear forces may occur. Shear injury can occur while the patient is seated or when they are changing position.

Warmer colors indicate rapid changes in mmHg/cm pressure distribution over the surface and this may be where skin is at most risk of a shear induced injury. Rapid changes in pressure spatially may indicate the tissue is being stressed vertically or horizontally.

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Tab includes an algorithm based on the Reswick-Rogers curve and displays pressure loading on tissue over time. Risk indicates where the skin may have a pressure and time value that exceeds the Reswick-Rogers curve.

It draws attention to where the patient may be at risk of a pressure trauma and intervention may be required. Risk is measured in mmHg/h. It is always a good reference point to use before repositioning patient to ensure the an area of concern is not inadvertently reloaded.

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Comparison and Report Wizard

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BodiTrak2 Lite Report Wizard

Standard Resolution

BodiTrak2 Lite Sensor

BodiTrak2 Lite Sensor Standard Mapping

Standard Resolution

  • 256 sensors (16 x 16)
  • 15 Hz sampling frame rate
  • 1"​ x 1"​ sensors density

High Resolution

BodiTrak2 Lite Sensor

BodiTrak2 High Sensor Standard Mapping

High Resolution

  • 1024 sensors (32 x 32)
  • Up to 150 Hz
  • 1/2"​ x 1/2"​ sensors density

Technical Specif​ications

BodiTrak2 Lite Sensor

BodiTrak2 Lite Sensor Specifications