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Innovative bedside pressure mapping technology that provides early detection to help lower risk and improve patient care while reducing costs.

BodiTrak2 Bed System is designed to address two major risks that your facility faces every day: pressure injuries and patient falls. The system has an easy-to-use interface and clinical flexibility that allows the system to be integrated into your unique care setting.

BodiTrak2 | Benefits

Risk & Injuries


Pressure Visualization Provides Actionable Clinical Data

  • Quick, flexible and easy real-time pressure monitoring can take the guesswork out of pressure injury prevention
  • Identify areas of high risk by monitoring shear forces and risk based on the Reswick Rogers curve
  • Customizable Time-to-Turn indicator with alarm and/or text message reminders
  • Improve the support surface selection process
  • Aid caregiver in ensuring optimal repositioning to reduce risk

Reduce Falls and Injuries Related to Falls

  • System incorporates an algorithm to monitor patient movement in areas outside a defined safe zone, indicating an intent to exit the bed
  • Audible alarm or text message alerts to warn of imminent risk
  • Alarm sensitivity may be adjusted based on patient body type, movement and at edge of bed
  • Adjustable alarm duration

Prevent Trauma Enhance Care Reduce Risk

Smart Bed Sensor | Pressure

BodiTrak2 Support Technology Pressure Scanning

Built in Smart Bed Fabric sensor that monitors body's pressure to identify areas of high risk. BodiTrak2 technology detects patient's movement to reduce incidence of pressure ulcers and falls.

Bed-Pressure-Mapping Reading
Bed-Pressure-Mapping Side-Reading
Bed Sensor

Wireless Connectivity

No more wires

Wireless Sensor

Innovative Functionality

  • Patented sensing material is elastic and preserves the immersion properties of the support surface
  • Can be used wireless or as a 24/7 monitoring system
  • Settings can be adjusted to fit your facility's wound and fall prevention protocols
  • Data collection capability provides an opportunity to adjust care based on identified risk

Software empowered

BodiTrak2 Monitor Software

It assists caregivers in identifying and managing areas on a patient's skin where they may be experiencing high pressures and shear forces. It's a powerful tool to help prevent tissue trauma, increase patient comfort, monitor support surface performance and educate caregivers.

Views | Pressure Mapping

Views Pressure-Mapping

PRESSURE tab view is a typical pressure mapping display. It provides continuous, real-time pressure mapping of the individual on the surface of the bed. Warmer colors represent areas of higher mmHg interface pressures. This tab also displays Average, Peak pressure and other relevant data. The Pressure tab view provides real time feedback about the success of repositioning the patient. Helping the caregiver observe if areas of concern been properly offloaded; and, or have other areas of the patients skin been inadvertently put at risk?

Views | Gradient

Views Gradient

GRADIENT tab displays where potential tissue trauma due to shear forces may occur. Shear injury can occur while the patient is laying flat or when they are changing position. Warmer colors indicate rapid changes in mmHg/cm pressure distribution over the surface and this may be where skin is at most risk of a shear induced injury. Rapid changes in pressure spatially may indicate the tissue is being stressed vertically or horizontally.

Views | Risk

Views Risk

RISK tab includes an algorithm based on the Reswick-Rogers curve and displays pressure loading on tissue over time. Risk indicates where the skin may have a pressure and time value that exceeds the Reswick-Rogers curve. It draws attention to where the patient may be at risk of a pressure trauma and intervention may be required. Risk is measured in mmHg/h. It is always a good reference point to use before repositioning patient to ensure the an area of concern is not inadvertently reloaded.

Key Features

BodiTrak2 Monitor Software

BodiTrak Bed Monitor Tablet

Bed Monitor System

BodiTrak2 Support Pressure Mapping Technology

Smart Fabric Technology and advanced system that can help to minimize costs to the health system caused by pressure ulcers, nursing staff make informed decisions about patient care, ensure compliance of clinical standards and enhance overall quality of care.

BodiTrak Monitor Bed System

Technical Specifications

BodiTrak2 Monitor Sensor

Specification Description
Size 36" x 80" | 36" x 84" | 42" x 80" | 48" x 84"
Sensing Area Varies by Model
Sensing Cells 1" Square
Weight Capacity 5 to 550 lbs.
Cover Warranty 2 Years
Tablet Warranty Per Manufacturer
Specification Description
Adjustable Alarms and Settings Turn Timer, Alarm Volume, Exit, Risk, and Gradient
Smart Fabric Sensor Material Lycra Strecth
Latex Free Yes
Connectivity Wireless (Android only), USB, Compatible
HIPPA and HL7 Compliant Yes
FDA, CE and ISO 13485 Yes