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Smart Systems

What are Smart Fabrics?

  • Smart Fabrics have electrical properties (usually sensing) by virtue of their materials, method of fabrication or embedded electrical devices
  • Ideally, Smart Fabrics can be used like any other fabrics: in clothing, coverings, furnishings (such as beds or seating) and carpets
  • Smart Fabrics can perform their functions without being attached to the skin (such as with glues or tapes)
  • Provides the ultimate user experience
BodiTrak2 Circuits
Smart Fabric Applications

With Smart Fabrics and low cost computational power, any support surface or article of clothing can become digitally aware, connected and auto adaptive, or in other words: SMART

Smart Seat2

Smart Seat 2

  • Compatible With Most Air Cushions
  • Imbedded Sensor
  • 4 Zone Compact 12V Controller
  • Power Supply from Wheelchair or Battery

Smart Bed

  • Dynamic sense and respond algorithm or manual control
  • Four zone control with air and air/foam support surfaces
  • Onboard BodiTrak Bed Monitor
  • Powerful single board computer, WiFi and optional Bluetooth
  • IoT integration with other devices