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Who is Vista Medical?


Worldwide Presence | Global Company

Part of a large Family

Vista Medical is the development and manufacturing heart of the PatienTech family of companies, which include:

Quality as our foundation

Vista Medical is an ISO 13485 certified, CE marked, FDA listed and registered and a Health Canada licensed manufacturer of medical devices.

All of our products sold by our family companies and partners around the world; medical, sports or consumer, are designed and built to these high quality standards.

A passion to improve wellness and performance

We are a team of highly skilled people working together to develop cutting edge solutions that help:

  • Prevent the pain and suffering of hospital patients
  • Maximize a person'​s quality of life, comfort and safety
  • An athlete reach their optimal performance
  • Improve a person'​s sleep, one great sleep at a time

Our team has been doing this for over 25 years and we are always looking for the next best way to improve what we do!

Fabric Lady

Technical Excellence

At Vista Medical we are responsible for:

  • Research, Development and manufacture of our unique Smart Fabric
  • Design of all electronic systems
  • Development of firmware to support electronic systems
  • Algorithms for our sense and respond Smart systems
  • API layers that makes integration of our smart systems easy for our partners
  • User interfaces for our own products in the market

We have a wide selection of electronic platforms and smart fabric designs that can be customized to match a wide range of unique market needs.

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Pressure Mapping Technology

Adaptable Solutions | Comfort & Health

Vista Medical Factory
Bed System BodiTrak2
Vista Medical Fabric Sensors
Vista Medical Smart Fabrics

T10 Technology

Powerful Wireless Connectivity

BodiTrak2 Technology
Wireless Smart Fabric
Wireless Pressure Mapping

BodiTrak 2 is based on our T10 design. A whole new cutting edge electronics, combining sensor management, a powerful single board computer, WiFi and API layer all on one PCB. A true IoT and cloud integration package capable of not just reacting to inputs but managing whole environments for the user.

T10 Technology