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Treadmill Assessment System


BodiTrak Treadmill sensors have been supporting stroke and vesticular rehabilitation and research for over ten years.

The system is inexpensive compared to more research oriented equipment. Sensors can easily be retrofitted to treadmills that use smooth decks and belts. Or they can be integrated by manufacturers into their treadmill design.

Testing Balance Treadmill

BodiTrak Balance Sensors

  • Are used in dynamic and static assessment modes
  • Capture and displays how symmetric and stable the walking or running patient is
  • Combine with cognitive challenges on a screen or with VR to perturb the patient as they walk


Flexible | Durable | Wireless

BodiTrak Sensor

  • Treadmill sensors are a variation of the stand on balance mats
  • Use for regular standing balance tests and as a tool to assess stability in movement
  • They can also be incorporated into rehab pro​tocols for Parkinson's and concussion clients
  • They are engineered for the harsher loading on treadmill decks under belts
  • Also, built to be installed as an OEM product or aftermarket. Easy to use and inexpensive compared to other research tools typically added to treadmills
BodiTrak2 Sensor Testing

Gait Favouring Right Side

Gait Software Screenshot

Healthy Gait Walking Fast

Gait-Fast Software Screenshot

Balance | Treadmill Demo

Technical Specif​ications

Specif​ication Medium Balance Mat Large Balance Mat
Model: BT2-1625-300 BT2-1632-300
Type of Sensor: Pressure Pressure
Sensor Size: 25.4 mm 25.4 mm
Number of Sensors: 400 (16 x 25) 512 (16 x 32)
Sensing Area Length: 940 mm 940 mm
Sensor Area Width: 470 mm 470 mm
Calibration Range: 20 & 40 psi 20 & 40 psi
Specif​ication Medium Balance Mat Large Balance Mat
Top Cover: Teflon Teflon
Bottom Cover: Teflon Teflon
Connection and Power: USB A USB A
Cable Length: 8' 8'
Finished Mat Length: 1370 mm 1370 mm
Finished Mat Width: 610 mm 610 mm
Scan Rate: 100 Hz 100 Hz