EASY TO SET UP. It's incredible how easy and intuitive BodiTrak is to use. Quickly Scan or record client pressure mapping data easily into one file over time or take advantage of the BodiTrak Seating Protocol Wizard that helps guide you through the use of BodiTrak as part of a seating evaluation.

EASY TO SHARE. Add a tablet computer to BodiTrak and you have a lightweight, portable system. It's easy to review, select and compile a report you can share with others as color print, Word document of PDF.

EASY TO FIND HELP. A person who knows how to help and solve your problem. You also get free software upgrades to help you take advantage of the lates BodiTrak technology. Each BodiTrak system arrives complete with software, electronics, SoftFlex sensing mats (our thinnest, most flexible and durable mats) and a calibration kit so you can start fast and stay up to date.

BodiTrak Product Specifications


More Choices for New Stretch Seat, Bed, and Temperature Sensors

Standard Resolution: 16x16 w/ 256 sensors Higher Resolution: 32x32 w/ 1024 sensors
Stretch Torso and Bed Sensing Mats are also available
Seat and Temperature Bed Sensors