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Finally, a bed that conforms to your body instead of the bed forcing your body to conform to it. BodiTrak Smart Beds automatically sense your body's contact pressures and evenly distributes them for exceptional comfort throughout the night, no matter how often you change sleep positions. BodiTrak's advanced sleep technology is based on its unique, elastic and breathable pressure-sensing Smart Fabric. As you lie on it, the system continuously monitors your body position and pressure distribution and automatically adjusts the bed's air support for maximum comfort. It's the latest development in sleep technology and it's available now!

BodiTrak Smart Bed System:

  • Single, Queen or King sized beds
  • Quilted or flat top panel with built in Smart Fabric sensor
  • Two inches of gel infused foam for a cool and comfortable sleep
  • Split mattress systems available for adjustable bed frames
  • Web browser interface
  • Exceptionally quiet pumps

BodiTrak Smart Bed Features:

  • BodiTrak's unique Bed Surface Control System continuously monitors and quietly adjusts the bed without waking the sleeper.
  • Built-In Smart Fabric sensor monitors sleeper's comfort level, position,breathing pattern and snoring.
  • BodiTrak monitors your respiration rate and breathing patterns to ensure you are getting the best, most restful night's sleep possible.
  • BodiTrak Smart Bed Sleep Center browser based tool to adjust the Smart Bed with any Smart phone, tablet or computer.
  • The BodiTrak Smart Bed Sleep Center includes easy ways to review the quality of your sleep on your computer or smart device.

BodiTrak Informational Videos