With our OrthoTest sensing mat between the patient and footbed, the clinician can quickly establish how interface pressures are distributed across the foot. Whether standing, walking or running, the BodiTrak Foot pressure mapping system provides objective information to better understand a patient's foot pressure management needs.

The BodiTrak system provides valuable information to help clinicians identify the most effective treatment strategy, orthotic support, or footwear solution for each individual patient. Seeing first hand each patient's pressure tendencies provides the clinician insight and the power to help impact quality of life.

High Focused Pressures
Using the BodiTrak system, the clinician can quickly assess how the patient stands, walks or runs and how each activity affects pressure distribution across their feet. The visual representation enables the clinician to identify the patient's tendencies and interaction with the footbed clearly demonstrating pressure issues.


Lower Distributed Pressure
With the BodiTrak data in hand, the clinician can advise the patient of recommendations and solutions to help improve their situation. Both the patient and family members can be educated on recommended treatment, orthotic solutions or footwear choices. The information and findings from the BodiTrak system can be shared with other clinical team members and funding agencies to enhance overall care.


Orthotic Assessment
The BodiTrak Pressure Mapping data provides the opportunity to adjust and instantly evaluate multiple treatment strategies, while at the same time potential orthotic and footwear solutions can be reviewed and validated with patient feedback.