NEW BT3510 BodiTrak Stretch Bed System

BodiTrak Seat, Bed and Foot Smart Fabric pressure mapping systems use advanced elastic sensors with built-in Smart USB electronics - affordable, flexible, stretchable, portable and easy-to-use. Simply plug the USB cable into your tablet computer or access through a WiFi connection and you're ready to go! BodiTrak's durable elastic Smart Fabric sensors mold to your client's body and clean easily with standard disinfectants.

BodiTrak BT3510 Information

Type of Sensor:Pressure 
Size and Shape:2032 mm x 863 mm80" x 34" +/- 1"
Sensor Size:25.4mm x 25.4mm1" x 1"
Space Between Sensors:3.2 mm (approx.) 
Number of Sensors: 1728 
Sensing Area:1854 mm x 762 mm73" x 30"
Force Range:100 mmHg 
Top Cover Material:Eastex cover 
Bottom Cover Material:Eastex cover 
Thickness:2.5 mm 
Connection and Power:USB 
Scan Rate:26 Hz depending on computer 

BodiTrak Electronics are embedded at the edge of the sensing mat. Sensor information and calibration files are stored on the sensor mat itself; true plug and play. FSA 4.1.001 software is easy to use install and maintain. One file per client over time, scan and or record, thumbnail images, regional distribution, numerous statistics, notes per frame and pdf printable reports make FSA very easy to use.

BodiTrak Product Specifications


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Standard Resolution: 16x16 w/ 256 sensors Higher Resolution: 32x32 w/ 1024 sensors
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