BodiTrak's durable elastic, breathable Smart Fabric sensors are designed to be easily integrated into surfaces that people sit, sleep or walk on. Boditrak sensors mold to a users body while monitoring pressure, position, movement, respiration and other metrics. Using this information the system can intelligently modify a surface to maximize comfort, productivity and help improve wellness.

Sleep options are scanned and scored with a comfort index to help the consumer select the best product for their personal needs - the one that will give them a better nights sleep... and your store a more satisfied customer!


Patented BodiTrak elastic sensors are a lycra like construction. Sensor size and resolution is adjustable to specific application needs. Sensors can be covered with a range of materials depending on the environment of use or laminated to a products cover. BodiTrak's onboard electronics provide fast data acquisition and easy connectivity. BodiTrak is easily scalable to high volume products.

BodiTrak Sensors open whole new worlds of imagination about where sensors can be placed and how they can be used to monitor and intelligently manipulate surfaces. Smart Surfaces, Smart clothing, Smart user interfaces, Smart industrial monitoring systems are all possilble. Only the imagination is the limit!


BodiTrak Sensor Systems

  • Elastic Smart Fabric sensors are available in a widerange of sizes
  • Smart integrated electronics - no interface module required, just the USB cable to your computer or WIFI
  • Faster scan rates (eg. full size beds scan at 50Hz)
  • Calibration and sensor information is stored on the sensing mat for true plug and play capability
  • Easily cleaned with regular disinfectants
  • Custom shapes and sizes available
  • Easy to reach technical support